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white fillings

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White fillings are a natural and attractive way to repair decayed or damaged teeth and to create veneers on the front teeth.

At Alexandra Dental, our dentists can repair your cavities with these composite fillings so that you are left with a natural and subtle look.

Many patients prefer white fillings to the traditional metal ones as they are difficult to detect and blend into the mouth.

How do white fillings work?

Teeth require fillings if they have been damaged due to trauma or decay, have been worn down or chipped.

If you choose a white filling, the dentist will bond the composite material directly onto your tooth’s enamel and dentine.

Unlike traditional fillings, with white fillings, the dentist is able to save more of the natural tooth and only remove the damaged parts. In addition, the affected tooth is immediately strengthened by the composite material as it bonds directly to the tooth.

To ensure the filling is held in place, your dentist will fill the cavity with aluminium oxide to prepare and clean it.

Alexandra Dental utilises an award-winning a 5th generation bonding system and a light cure machine to ensure the filling is firmly bonded to the natural tooth.

Benefits of white fillings

At Alexandra Dental, we believe white fillings are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Unlike traditional metal fillings they are discrete and look completely natural.

Here are some further benefits:

  • Minimal, if any, impact on surrounding teeth
  • Bonded filling helps build upon natural tooth’s strength
  • No metal or mercury
  • Tooth-coloured for added subtlety

Composite veneers

The tooth-coloured composite material used for white fillings, can also be used to restore the appearance of front teeth. Due to the bonding process, thismaterial is less damaging to teeth than porcelain veneers.

If you look after your teeth and gums and maintain a good oral care routine, white composite fillings can last for up to seven years.

At Alexandra Dental, we use Venus Pearl and GC Gaenial composites, which are highly rated by dental professionals. We also guarantee all our white composite fillings for one year and will be happy to rectify any problems if they occur.

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