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root canal treatment

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Root canal treatment is required when the centre of a tooth (or the dental pulp) becomes infected.

It is a way to disinfect the inside of the tooth and remove bacteria which could be causing the infection. Without root canal treatment, your tooth may die or the infection may spread.

At Alexandra Dental, our practitioners are highly trained in carrying out this type of treatment and will do so with precision, expertise and attention to detail.

It is imperative to treat infected dental pulp to prevent the development of an abscess, sensitivity and other problems.

You may require root canal treatment if you are experiencing ongoing tooth pain, facial inflammation, swelling of the gum and difficulty chewing. We can assess and diagnose you during your visit to the practice.


If you attend Alexandra Dental for root canal treatment we will take every step to ensure you are comfortable and fully prepared for the procedure.

Initially, the area affected will be anaesthetised so that you cannot feel anything during the treatment.

Your dentist will isolate the tooth which is due to be treated. They will then remove the top section of the tooth to access the root before removing the infected pulp with files. Once the infection is cleared out, the canals will be washed and disinfected.

The canals will then be filled with a rubber-like material and the treated tooth will be sealed.

At Alexandra Dental, we perform all of our treatments in a highly sanitised, hygienic environment. The equipment and materials used to carry out your root canal treatment will be discarded to ensure that no bacterial contamination occurs.

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