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Keeping your gums and teeth clean is the first and most important step towards good oral health.

At Alexandra Dental, we offer all patients appointments with our dentists and hygienists who are trained to clean and polish teeth, provide advice and to spot any issues that may need additional intervention.

We believe that preventative treatment helps achieve healthy teeth and gums, and a sparkling smile.

Our hygienists are highly trained in helping patients maintain their oral health. They will work with you to develop a positive oral care routine at home and can advise you on areas such as diet and correct cleaning procedures.

Parents may find it useful to see our hygienist in order to learn how to properly take care of their young children’s teeth.

What else can a hygienist do?

At Alexandra Dental, our hygienists offer preventative treatments and advice to all patients of all ages.

Our hygienistsare also trained to provide Airflow tooth polishing. This is an advanced cleaning method which is quicker, less uncomfortable and pain-free than traditional polishing and scaling methods.

You may benefit from this polishing method if you have heavily stained or extra sensitive teeth.

They are also trained to look after the health of your implants. Our hygienists undergo special training with local gum specialists to ensure they can properly care for your investment. The latest guidelines suggests implants should be cleaned every 6 months.

To book an appointment with our hygienists, click here to contact us or call 01442 256335.