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Veneers are porcelain covers created for the front teeth to help to create a uniformly straight and white smile.

They can be used to improve the appearance of crooked, stained, chipped, misaligned or protruding teeth.

At Alexandra Dental, we understand that discoloured or misaligned teeth can make you feel self-conscious and feel weary of openly smiling.

By choosing veneers, you can enjoy a brighter and whiter smile which looks natural and straight.

What are veneers?

Made from porcelain or composite materials, a veneer is simply a ‘cover’which is cemented on top of your natural teeth.

They are strong and hardwearing and most importantly, look extremely natural. Patients may choose to have just one veneer on a single damaged or discoloured tooth or may opt for a number of veneers along the front teeth.

How are they applied?

If you attend Alexandra Dental for veneers to be fitted, we will initially examine you, take pictures of your teeth and make moulds. This process is to ensure we can create the most natural appearing veneers possible.

Prior to the application of the veneer, your dentist will need to prepare your natural teeth. This entails removing part of the front surface to make space for the veneer.

While this is a relatively pain-free process, you may choose to have local anaesthetic for the procedure.

Once the veneers have been cemented into place they can last for up to 15 years depending on how well you care for them. You will need to arrange regular visit to the dentist and hygienist to ensure your veneers are being maintained.

If you are thinking about having veneers, please contact us for more information by clicking here or call us on 01442 256335 to arrange a consultation.