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Many patients wear dentures without others noticing or realising.These removable appliances are resilient and long-lasting, and save people the embarrassment and discomfort of coping with the loss of teeth.

At Alexandra Dental, we pride ourselves on creating denture appliances that are expertly fitted, natural in appearance and comfortable for the patient to wear.

We offer patients two types of dentures:

  • Valplast or felxidentures: made of flexible acrylic, these dentures are soft yet resilient. Flexible clasps hold the denture in place so they are stable and there is less chance of them slipping out of place
  • Cobalt Chrome or metal dentures: due to the strength of the cobalt chrome these dentures can be made to fit closely to the gum and are extremely thin and durable. Clasps hold them firmly in place

If you require dentures or would like to arrange a consultation, please click here to contact us or call 01442 256335.