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Invisalign Aylesbury & Berkhamsted

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People suffering with crooked or misaligned teeth often choose Invisalign as a subtle, non-detectable way to improve and straighten their smiles.

This orthodontic treatment is extremely popular and is regarded as highly effective and quick in delivering noticeable results.

Your practitioner at Alexandra Dental will take impressions of your teeth which will be used to create your first set of clear aligners. An aligner islike a transparent mouth guard which you will wear for up to 22 hours a day.

The aligners help to gently move your teeth into the correct position. For the duration of your treatment, you will be required to visit us every two weeks for a new set of aligners.

These visits will help us ensure the teeth are moving into the desired place and once you have reached your goal, we will make a retainer for you so you can maintain your newly positioned teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign orthodontic solution include:

  • A subtle and discrete way for adults and teenagers to receive effective orthodontictreatment
  • Gentle and gradual movement of teeth
  • Relatively quick treatment time
  • The clear aligners are removable so you can keep them clean and not worry about food getting stuck in metal brackets or wires

Invisalign is a sophisticated tooth straightening system which has been developed digitally to produce excellent results.

Our dentists are Platinum providers of Invisalign and one of the top providers in Hertfordshire. With our experience we now use Invisalign as a pre-restorative tool to ensure if you need composite bonding or veneers after the treatment the teeth are placed in a position to prevent the need for much tooth contouring.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to book a consultation, please click here to contact us or call 01442 256335.