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Free Implant Consultation*

Free Orthodontics Consultations*

Free Smile Design Consultations*

*Refundable deposit required to make the appointment. Failure to attend the appointment deems the deposit forfeited. Consultations with an experienced dentist, further consultations may be

10% off treatment plan for all patients signing up to Denplan.


5% off with 2 members on Denplan

10% off with 3 members on Denplan

15% off with 4 members on Denplan

Invisalign Packages

We offer Invisalign packages including Zoom teeth whitening and fixed retainers with every case to help create a beautiful result (upgrades are available).

We also offer composite bonding at the end of your treatment to ensure all edges are aligned at a reduced rate.

Packages can be discussed with your cosmetic dentist.

All packages are available with 0% interest 12 month finance options.

+Tooth Whitening (worth £295)

+Fixed Retainers (worth £300)

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