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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and following national guidance, we have been forced to reduce services significantly at Alexandra Dental Practice. Routine check-ups, treatments and hygiene appointments will be postponed for the foreseeable future but we will still be taking measures to ensure that our patients have their urgent dental care needs addressed.

In the unfortunate event that you are experiencing an oral or dental problem, please refer to the COVID-19 Advice Page and the following guidance regarding dental emergencies:

-If your dental problem represents a threat to your life, please contact 111 straight away to access emergency medical advice.

-If you are experiencing swelling, prolonged bleeding following an extraction, dental trauma without loss of consciousness, a broken tooth causing severe pain, a severe toothache affecting sleep/eating/drinking, please follow the link to make an Urgent Dental Care Booking Request.

Managing Dental Problems at Home

-If you have a minor dental issue or common orthodontic problem that is not causing significant discomfort, please refer to our COVID-19 Advice Page on the website for advice and tips to assist you.

Remote consultations to address urgent dental concerns via video /phone call can be booked via contact request. This means that our dentists have as much information as possible to be able to offer the best care for you in your time of need.

Alternatively, please contact us on 01442 256335 to speak to one of our team who are currently triaging patients. Or if Out of Hours, please either leave a message on our practice line or send a message or Whatsapp to our work mobile on 07944 544322.

The decision to move to video consultations has been taken so that we are continuing to provide the best care possible and an outstanding level of service for our patients. We hope that you will be as thrilled as we are.

Stay Safe & Stay Home.

Dr Shilan Shah & the whole Alexandra Dental Team

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